Experiences with international trade & fiscal logistics that have been built up during many years make it possible for Trade Facilitation to lead international supply chains on the right tracks. Naturally at the lowest possible (operational) costs. Savings and possible risks can be analyzed after a "customs & international trade quick scan".


Several operational areas - in line with the company's activities - are analyzed in an efficient way. In the subsequent managementreport all legal and operational findings will be clearly defined.

The distinctive character of Trade Facilitation lies in the fact that we have splendid operational experience at our disposal - both as regards work experience and level of education – in the field of producers, importing & exporting companies as well as logistic service providers. From us you can expect a Cristal clear report and/or presentation that is concrete and does not consume hours of your own time. The greatest compliment ever is that we can make this field of activity understandable, enjoyable and pleasant for others.


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