Your internationally operating company is supposed to comply with all the European and national legislation that is related to the transactions of goods. Also the specific (im-) posibilities of licenses should be in line with this legislation. Not every organisation has the right knowledge at its disposal at the right time.


The classification of goods in the harmonized system, the financial substantiating of international transactions and the (imposed) observation of obligated procedures in accordance with European and national legislation and licences are applicable to your daily business.


Mistakes or structural organisational processes can be reason for supplementary taxation of customs duties and value-added tax. The most diverse cases can cross your path. In these situations you will need a specialised partner for legal assistance regarding subsequent legal steps that can be taken.

From a positive perspective legal procedures can contribute to unexpected financial profit for a company. For example it can result in a more favourable classification of goods that will give opportunity to lead to refunding customs duties as well as value added taxes. The tax collectors office does not always have the intention to do this spontaneously. You will need a partner to assist and advise you. From this positive point of view you will search for a better (financial) position of your company without the risk of supplementary taxation or non- compliance.


When your company is facing a similar situation with the tax office, Trade Facilitation can assist you in lodging a fundamental request for refunding, appeal, appeal in court or cassation at the High Court to turn the decision of the tax office to your benefit. In both cases a (well-) founded chance of success is essential before we will start any legal procedure!


Before we start any legal procedure, a realistic analysis is our basis.


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