Trade Facilitation provides services in the field of customs & international trade. Our distinctive character is based on a pragmatic and purposeful approach combined with enthusiasm, many years of knowledge & experiences in logistics related tax laws like customs & VAT.

Our clients are multinationals as well as medium-sized companies with activities like manufacture & assembly, international trade or logistic services.


Trade Facilitation has wide experiences the field of:

  • legal procedures
  • AEO certification
  • consultancy
  • SASP & DMS
  • projects
  • interim management
  • training and education
  • quick scans
  • Time has come for a new vision on a specialism that is often experienced by entrepreneurs as bureaucratic and detailed. We can support entrepreneurs while accelerating their core business. By implementing pragmatic innovative solutions it is possible to turn this image into an astonishing opportunities Trade Facilitation likes to think along with you to find possibilities and opportunities, and is able to provide consultancy and full implementation of the chosen solution for your company.


    Trade Facilitation is the company for logical and efficient processes that enable entrepreneurs to control international supply chains In short; we are always looking for the right balance between costs and benefits when it comes to customs & international trade.


    Noël Egberts

    Trade Facilitation B.V.

    Trade Facilitation for companies choosing efficiency & compliance

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